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Ronsenac , an hour drive to Cognac - France

The team is proud that 200 process machines CHARRIER are working every day worldwide. Technician team and sales people are there to listen, understand your need and propose solutions. Up to 3.000 metallic dies  matrix and tools  produced from files or drawing by the workshop every year.  For the most prestigious customers from Champagne, fine wine and Cognac or wood industry.

Since 1886 and still innovating

The origin of the workshop is Mr Daniel Larrere almost 130 years ago

1972: Mr Alain Charrier start  working in the workshop as apprentice, 12 years later he becomes the owner succeeding Mr Louis Benet. Giving his name to the enterprise, he impulses then a great dynamic. Beyond the engraving, Alain Charrier start to design machines for marking cork and finishing treatment. 200 of them are now installed around the world. Charrier owned Magaud the brand specialized in marking woodbox since 1935. 

2013: Alain Charrier sells the workshop, it is now 100% owned by Agrandissime a french company specialized in prepress and marking industry.